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Kabanovs underground command post is massive!

The trial excavations 1.-5.10.2021 have proved that the remains of the underground command post are much larger than anticipated. The excavations on site will continue in 2022 and 2023!

Jan Fast standing by the massive northern wall of "Kabanovs Bunker"

The 2021 excavations of General Sergei Kabanovs underground command post came to an end yesterday when the excavated structure was covered up with a protective tarp and the excavation area was filled up with an excavator.

A tarp covers the remains of the brick walls of the command post. Excavations next year will continue from this level.

During the upcoming months the finds will be cleaned and cataloged and the data from the documentation of the site added to the excavation report. Aleksi Rikkinen will also produce an accurate 3D model of the site based on his drone photos.

Aleksi Rikkinen mapping the brick remains by the north wall of the structure.

The 2022 excavations will start in early May when we hope to be able to uncover the entire wetern section of the structure. Please send a letter of interest to us if you wish to participate in this fascinating project.

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