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Beautiful finds on day eight of the excavations of Hamsterbo

Today we managed to collect and document all of the finds on the floor level of the shelter. Many nice finds attributable to lieutenant Kretz emerged in the area of his burnt backpack among them a military skiing award.

Brass military ski award that once belonged to Lieutenant Åke Kretz.

Close to the broken stormlight lay the burnt remains of a third backpack that contained among several other things a brass box containing several small items including a razor. The contents of the box will be examined later when it is conserved.

Brass box containing several small items including a razor.

The storm lantern itself was very fragile and the removal of it a tiduous process, Beneth the lantern the floor was severly burnt which proves the hypothesis that this is where the fire that destroyed "Hamsterbo" started.

The storm lantern photographed in situ before removal.

Charred floorboards underneath the storm lantern.

With all of the items in the shelter now removed we covered up the charred floorboards of the shelter. New excavations of the site will take place later this season 22.9. - 26.9.2021 . If you are interested in participating in the dig please send a letter of interest to The participation fee is only 20 euros for 5 days!

Come excavate with us again September 22-29th 2021.

As for the shelter itself Hanko Front Museum intends to reconstruct it in a near future. The finds will be cataloged and conserved and a full excavation report will be ready by May 2022. A book about the conflict archaeology and history of the shelter will be published in 2023.

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