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Busy battlefield archaeology week coming up!

On Monday 31st of August we will kick off the last leg of this years community archaeology digs on the Hanko front.

First we will excavate the immediate surroundings of the "Hamsterbo" shelter prior to next years large excavation when we will reveal the whole shelter by removing the several meters of sand that now cover the charred remains from that fatefull night in September 1941.

On Wednesday part of our research team will survey the site of a Soviet massgrave and the spoils of war from the intense battles that were fought in the archipelago N. of Hanko during the summer and autumn of 1941.

On Thursday we will be attentending the reburial ceremony at the Russian war memorial. This will conclude the work we did 2017-2019 when we exhumed seven fallen Soviet soldiers who were killed in 1941.

During the following weekend we will be continuing our efforts to find fallen Soviet soldiers in the outer archipelago but more about that in a later post.

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