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Mapping the WW2 conflict archaeology of Örö

On May 25th our conflict archaelogy team headed out to Örö sea fortress. The main task was to gather as much information as possible about an area with possible WW2 war graves prior to future WW2 conflict archaeology on the island.

Photo 1. Cartographer Aleksi Rikkinen digging a test pit. Photo Jan Fast/Hanko 1941.

The weather was fantastic for documentation, providing lots of stable light and only very minor winds. Aleksi Rikkinen was able to utilize his drone to the max and very accurate maps and photographs with a resolution of 2,5 cm:s!

Photo 2. Aleksi Rikkinen manouvering his drone using special goggles to help steer the drone accurately. Photo Jan Fast/Hanko 1941.

Photo 3. Örö from above. Drone photo Aleksi Rikkinen.

Photo 4. Preliminary map and cropped image of Örö. Maps py Aleksi Rikkinen/Hanko 1941

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