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Team member Elisa Melasniemi to participate in osteological research of human remains in Turku

The Chapel of the Holy Spirit in Turku has been built from the ruins of the Holy Spirit Church and rediscovered during archaeological excavations in 1986. Preceding the chapel was a house of the Holy Spirit and a Holy Spirit Church in the 1390´s.

Reburial of human remains from previous excavations. Photo Jouni Koutanen/Yle Jouni Koutonen / YleJouni Koutonen / Yle

The project focuses on surveying, documenting and repackaging of the bone material excavated in 1964, 1983–1985, 1987 and 2002 and currently kept in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit. The material includes bones from hundreds of individuals. The project is administered by University lecturer/PhD Liisa Seppänen (University of Turku) and human osteologist/University lecturer Heli Maijanen (University of Oulu).

Elisa during fieldwork in the Hanko 1941 project (the exhumation of seven KIA Soviet slldiers in 2019). Photo Jan Fast/Hanko 1941 project.

The Hanko 1941 team congratulates Elisa on this wonderful opportunity to learn and gain insight from the vast bone material. I'm sure her work with skeletal remains from the Hanko front will benefit a alot from this unique experience.

You can read more about the huge osteology project (in Finnish) via the link below.

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