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The conflict archaeology of Feldluftpark 3/XI Pori

Archaeologist Teemu Väisänen whom many of you already know from the "Hanko 1941" and "Durchgangslager Hanko" projects has started an own intriguing WW2 conflict archaeology project near Pori W. Finland!!

"Feldluftpark 3/XI Pori was a Luftwaffe airfield and aviation equipment depot located in Pori, Finland, from where Germans dispatched aircraft to the north and carried out major overhauls. The depot was operational during the Continuation War 1941-44, after which the airfield was partially detonated and abandoned by retreating Germans.

In 2019, a project was started to research the history of the airfield and the material culture left behind by the German soldiers. Research, which includes excavations, archival work and interviews, will continue across the coming years, culminating in an exhibition and the publication of results."

Good Luck Teemu!!

Read more about his research on the project website:


Advances in research can be followed on this website, along with events, field schools and other ways to be involved with the project.

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