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Two charred backpacks full of finds

After a wonderful evening and calm night in the archipelago it was back to business as usual. The excavation of the burnt down WW2 shelter continued and we were all eager to see what finds the day would bring.

The main work for this fourth day of the excavation was to make it to the second level and document te structure. This was achieved by ca 2 PM.

The charred remains of the Hamsterbo shelter. The helmet and the rack for stick handgrenades photographed "In Situ". Level 2, photo from SW.

Some really nice turned up as we managed to find the backpacks of two of the soldiers who lived in the shelter when it was demolished! Todays finds included many coins, knitted textiles and a variety of military items such as straps a flashlight and... at least one of the charred passports of the Swedish volunteers!

Finds from the fourth day of the excavation. Most of them are still in the ground.

Tomorrow we will excavate layer three of the shelter. Check in for an update again tomorrow evening!

The iron frame of one of the backpacks is starting to emerge. Corroded finnish coins in the center!

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