Hanko 1941

Photo: Bertel Nordenstreng on patrol, probably in the waters of Hitis (Hiittinen). Photographer unknown. Photo by courtesy of Mr Kaarle Nordenstreng.

This page is about the scientific  conflict and battlefield archaeology project "Hanko 1941" (2018-2025) in Hanko S. Finland.


The project surveys, documents and excavates remains on both sides of the conflict on the Hanko front 22.6-2.12.1941. 

Behind the frontlines the civilian population faced the horrors of war through prisoner of war camps, in military hospitals and morgues for the fallen soldiers. These rapidly vanishing memories and structures are also documented by the project.


All photos marked "photo Hanko 1941 project" may not be copied or distributed without permission.

The WW2 battlefield archaeology excavations of the Hanko front (1941) continue August 31st to September 4th 2020!!

Please follow our research on our FB page and tune in for regular daily updates!

We are happy to announce the the third leg of the WW2 battlefield archaeology excavations at the Hanko Front Museum. The excavation is set for August 31st to September 4th 2020. We speak English, Finnish and Swedish during the excavation.


We offer daily  lectures (safety issues, forensic archaeology, ethics and mapping and surveying techniques) and a battlefield archaeology field trip to the participants. 

Price only 20 euros/5 days (but you can participate for as many days as you want).


No previous knowledge of archaeology is required in order to participate.

Register now!


Visit Hanko Front Museum

Death, Burial and Repatriation

The new "Hanko 1941" exhibition at the Hanko  Front Museum is now open!

Students from Hanko during conflict field school. Photo Jan Fast "Hanko 1941" project.

Pedagogic WW2 Conflict Archaeology for Schools

September 2020 - May 2021

WW2 Conflict archaeology is an important educational tool in order to get a better understanding of the catastrophic and devastating effects of war for the individual and the community as a whole.


With a grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation (Uudenmaan maakuntarahasto) we are happy to share our knowledge and work with schools and schoolchildren to increase the knowledge of the traces of war in the immediate surroundings of schools in the Uusimaa region during 2020-2021.

Contact us via at jfarchaeology@gmail.com for more information about our educational packages.

Surveying the battle of Bengtskär 

Drone video from 17th of May 2019

by BA Aleksi Rikkinen

Academic theses

The authors are responsible for the contents in their respective works and the texts  do not represent the views or general research results of the "Hanko 1941" project. 


Feel free to contact the authors directly if you have ay questions or disagree with issues that are presented in the papers. Your input is valuable for the students and helps them to advance on their scientific journey.

"Tvärminnen vuoden 1941 venäläiset sotavainajat 

Arkeologin etiikka hautakaivauksilla"

BA thesis about ethics and the conflict archaeology of war graves.

Elisa Melasniemi 

Turku Open University 20.4.2020 (in Finnish)

"Taistelukentältä konservointistudioon

Hangon hautalöytöjen tutkimus ja konservointi" 

Thesis about the conservation of items found on the bodies of  the repatriated Soviet soldiers in Tvärminne.

Jarno Huusko.

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences 12.5.2020 (in Finnish)

"Bakom främsta linjen - Militärläger i Hangö från II:a världskriget som konfliktarkeologiska objekt"

BA thesis about the materiality of a DRK dumpsite inside the German WW2 transition camp on Cape Tulliniemi, Hanko S. Finland.

BA Fanny Fagerholm

Umeå Universitet 24.9.2019 (in Swedish)

Finnish troops attacking a Soviet held island in the Hanko archipelago in the summer of 1941. Photo SA-Kuva.

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